Practical Elm for a Busy Developer: early access

I’m working on an intermediate level Elm book called Practical Elm for a Busy Developer. I wanted to post a quick note about it for people who are not on my mailing list, since I’ve just added a huge new section and the book is 70-80% complete now.

I chose not to include the basics (Elm syntax, the Elm architecture etc.) in the book because I think they are adequately covered by other sources. Instead, it will guide you through the practical tasks of creating applications with Elm: building UIs, styling, working with JSON, interacting with JavaScript code, testing and so on.

What does the book cover?

The focus of the book is on practical topics:

  • A discussion of options for creating UIs and styling
  • Approaches and tools for preventing and finding bugs
  • JSON parsing (the most commonly reported problem Elm newcomers face)
  • Making server requests and working with commands
  • JS interop and ports
  • A discussion of code organisation as your application grows
  • A discussion of integrating Elm into a JS application
  • An in-depth look at language features such as pattern matching
  • Tools for being more productive when writing Elm code

Practical Elm is currently available as an “early access” book, with some of the content yet to be included.

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Practical Elm

Comments or questions? I’m @alexkorban on Twitter.

Looking for the nuts-and-bolts guide to creating non-trivial real world apps in Elm?

My book, Practical Elm for a Busy Developer, skips the basics and gets right into explaining how to do practical stuff. Things like building out the UI, communicating with servers, parsing JSON, structuring the application as it grows, testing, and so on. No handholding — the focus is on giving you more substance.

It’s up to date with Elm 0.19.

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