Current projects

Practical Elm for a Busy DeveloperElm provides an excellent environment for web development, especially now that we have elm-ui as a compiler-backed alternative to HTML & CSS.

There is quite a lot of information about the basics of Elm, but not much when it comes to solving more complex practical problems in production applications: interop with JavaScript, working with server APIs, building complex UIs and so on.

I’ve created a course called Building Real World Applications with Elm and I’ve also written a book called Practical Elm for a Busy Developer to fill this gap.


ElmstaticAs soon as I learned about the elm-ui library, I wanted to be able to use it for all my web sites. However, there was no easy way to build static sites with Elm!

I came up with Elmstatic to solve this problem. It’s in very early stages but I’m already using it for this site.

I’ve also made a package for live UI prototyping in Elm called UICards, as well as a catalog of Elm packages organised into categories.

PostgreSQL: Time and Temporal DataPostgreSQL has long been one of my favourite technologies. It’s rock solid, has a huge array of features, and is extremely well documented.

I learned a lot about working with time and temporal data as I’ve been working with time series of geospatial data for many years. Dealing with time never gets easy - there’s always one more thing that trips you up. There is also precious little information about more advanced topics.

This is why I wrote a book called “PostgreSQL: Time and Temporal Data”. It provides a structured approach for working with time and time zones, and managing any kind of time-related data in the database.

I’ve also covered the same topics in a Pluralsight course.

Besides that, I made a tool to help with debugging complex SQL queries: pgdebug.

PostgreSQL time book | Pluralsight course | Postgres posts | pgdebug