Practical Elm for a Busy Developer

"I'm excited about Elm but the learning curve gets super steep beyond the basics..."

"I want to use Elm for serious work, but the tutorials only show toy examples..."

The learning curve is the number one complaint developers have about Elm.

Where can I find the nuts-and-bolts guide to solving non-trivial, real problems in Elm?

When I found out about Elm, I was excited by its potential to reduce bugs and make development a far more fun experience for my team. I was super motivated to learn it in order to put it into production at my company.

There are plenty of beginner Elm tutorials, and it's easy to learn the Elm syntax and concepts (it's simple by design after all!). However, I still found myself flailing when I tried to go beyond the simple button+counter and todo list examples.

I had so many questions about the fundamentals of creating applications in Elm, but it was hard to find answers.

How do I handle errors when I make a request to a server? How do I parse JSON? What about recursive JSON? How do I interact with JavaScript libraries? How do I add styles to my HTML? How do I deal with authentication?

There is still a chasm between learning the basic concepts of Elm, and using it to create complex real world applications - the kind that you'd release into production at work.

What if there was a book that would help me get over that initial learning hump?

I understood Elm syntax, basic functional programming concepts and the Elm architecture.

What I really needed was a book that would skip the basics I've already picked up online, and get right into explaining how to do practical stuff. Things like building out the UI, working with server APIs, parsing JSON, setting up a production build, structuring the application as it grows, and so on.

I didn't want lots of handholding - I don't have time for that - but I wanted plenty of examples and pointers for further research.

Well, I couldn't find a book like that, so I decided to write it:

Book cover
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