Alex Korban I promote Elm and run several projects to make it easier for people to learn it and use it:

  • I’ve been the editor of Elm Weekly, a weekly Elm newsletter, since 2018
  • I created and maintain Elm Catalog to help people find Elm packages & tools.
  • I made Elmstatic, a static site generator for Elm
  • I’m the author of the Practical Elm book
  • I created a showcase for elm-ui to help people get started with mdgriffith/elm-ui
  • I write about Elm on my blog (35+ posts as of last count).

Aside from my Elm work, I occasionally create Pluralsight courses for software developers and contribute to powertrip.earth to help speed up the transition to electric vehicles.

In the past, I co-founded a company to visualise geospatial data for the heavy construction industry in order to improve safety and productivity when building roads, tunnels and other infrastructure.

In the more distant past, I worked on a wide range of software, from early mobile applications back in the days of Palm Pilot and Windows CE, to a flight simulator to guidance software for construction machinery like bulldozers, excavators and even self-driving kerb laying machines (which are massive things 4 metres tall!).

Technologies I’ve used