Elm Package Catalog: Complete and improved

I have done quite a bit of work to improve the Elm Package Catalog.

First of all, it now lists all of the notable Elm 0.19 packages (of which I found 690).

Second, it now allows you to see the README for any package without leaving the site. While I was categorising packages, I noticed that often I couldn’t figure out what the package actually does from its summary, so I clicked through to the README a lot. Of course, anybody who’s looking through the packages will have the same problem, so now the README can be opened inline on any card.

Finally, I’ve also made a few small changes:

  • Each package card links to the list of package releases on Rémi Lefèvre’s package release site
  • The latest version of the package is shown on the package card
  • The catalog updates once a day, with new packages appearing in the Uncategorised section until I assign them to an appropriate category
  • The licence is now linked to the licence text.

I hope you find it useful!

Elm Package Catalog

Comments or questions? I’m @alexkorban on Twitter.

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