Restarting the Elm Weekly newsletter

It’s not so easy to keep up with what’s going on in the Elm world these days. On one hand, as the language becomes more popular, the volume of posts on Discourse and the traffic on Slack is going up. On the other hand, I’m still often surprised to run into an interesting article or a useful package that slipped under the radar.

Other languages and technologies have weekly digest emails – JavaScript Weekly, React Weekly, Haskell Weekly etc. These can be very helpful for keeping up to date. Every couple of months, I’d look around for a similar digest for Elm, but unfortunately there wasn’t one that was still active!

However, recently the owner of the Elm Weekly newsletter, which was active in 2015-2016, decided to transfer it to somebody else. Brian Hicks and I took over it.

Brian is the organiser of elm-conf in the US, author of The JSON Survival Kit (check it out if you’re having trouble with JSON decoders), and the purveyor of the State of Elm survey.

We published the first issue of 2018 this week. Check out this week’s issue and subscribe.

Our goal for each week is to include 2-3 good articles or talks, a couple of interesting packages, and link to Elm jobs (although they may not appear every week).

I think it’s important to keep the emails short and sweet, because reading JavaScript Weekly or Node Weekly is itself quite an undertaking these days – there’s just too much information in there.

I hope we can highlight the most interesting and relevant content for you in Elm Weekly.

Comments or questions? I’m @alexkorban on Twitter.

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It’s up to date with Elm 0.19.

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