Practical Elm book release date & Elm 0.19 updates

I’d like to give you a couple of updates on Elm 0.19 in this post.

But first, an announcement about my book, Practical Elm for a Busy Developer: I’m going to publish the final release on 18 September.

If nothing else, this will force me to finish the last round of proofreading and tweaks!

I would have liked to finish the book earlier, but I also wanted to make it maximally useful to you, so it took a bit longer. I ended up adding extra content, and the latest draft is over 200 pages. I’ve added a section showing how to integrate the Ace editor into an Elm application using custom elements. The section on testing now includes an introduction to testing the update function and views. I’ve also reorganised the content related to types for a better flow.

(This stuff will appear in the final release on 18 September. Check out the final table of contents and the sample chapter.)

Please note: on 18 September, the price of the book will go up to $39. Until then, the early release price is in effect, so if you want to get the book for $34, get it now (and you’ll receive the final version in two weeks anyway).

What about updating the book to Elm 0.19? That’s what I will be working on after 18 September, and anyone who’s purchased the book will get these updates free.

Now, on to the Elm 0.19 news.

I’ve been updating my Elm 0.19 post as I learned more, adding a section about runtime performance improvements and expanding other sections - check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

A few highlights:

  • Various installers have been updated to the new Elm release.
  • A new release of elm-upgrade is out, so you can get automated help with making the necessary changes to your code base.
  • Additionally, Tomáš Látal created a handy tool that checks whether your dependencies have been updated for Elm 0.19.
  • There’s been a steady stream of package releases happening, with packages like elm-css and - style-elements (just renamed to elm-ui) now updated for the new Elm release.

That’s it for now!

Comments or questions? I’m @alexkorban on Twitter.

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